Super Mario Kart - SNES

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Super Mario Kart is one of the first games that comes to mind when you think of retro games, and with good reason! The pioneering title was originally developed for the SNES, and now you add your very own cart of the OG Kart to your collection, for the console it was originally designed to be enjoyed on! 

The first game of the Mario Kart series, classic Super Mario Kart is a fan favorite, credited with creating the entire kart-racing subgenre and expanding the Mario series into non-platformers. Upon its release, positive reviews were heaped upon the game, which garnered especial praise for for its presentation, innovation and use of Mode 7 graphics. 

Remaining ranked among the best games of all time by critics and publications like Edge, IGN, The Age, and GameSpot, Super Mario Kart is also one of our favorites here at Retromagia. Even Guinness World Records named it the top console game ever, and this seminal title was so commmercially successful, it went on to become the best-selling franchise of all time.