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Café Boardgame

Come and experience the marvelous world of board games at Café Boardgame, located in Töölö at the heart of Helsinki! The Café offers a wide range of board games for both enthusiasts and beginners, with modern classics and the hottest new releases.

Poromagia is responsible for curating the café's board game library, and we welcome feedback and suggestions about what games you would like to see at the café. We’ve done our best for the Cafe's board game library, including games we enjoy playing ourselves as avid hobbyists, as well as customer and player favorites for casual players, board game novices, and amateur enthusiasts alike!

When needed, Café Boardgame’s Henri will guide you through new games in an instant, so experimenting with new feature games is easy and fast. You don't need any previous experience with board games to have fun with us, so come on down!

Café Boardgame Eerikinkatu 14/ Eriksgatan 14, 00100 Helsinki/ Helsingfors

Cafe Boardgame Helsinki logo

War Head

War Head is a miniature and strategy game enthusiast community, website and hobby game popup shop inside the Poromagia store in Pasila. In the colorful "wargames corner" you will find a wide selection of Games Workshop and Privateer Press miniature game products as well as accessories from manufacturers such as Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter and Gale Force Nine. War Head products like Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and Warmachine / Hordes miniature games can also be ordered by post through Poromagia.com.

In addition to selling the games, War Head operators organize several tournament events each year, and meet weekly to play big and small miniature games and paint miniatures for different gaming systems. The hobby adventures are documented online at gowarhead.com, where you will find battle reports, tournament stories, photo galleries, interviews, and painting and landscape guides from 2011 onwards. 

Explore the War Head team on our site, or come check out the selection here at Poromagia!

We welcome you to come in and enjoy your miniature hobby!



Lautapelikahvila Taverna

Lautapelikahvila Taverna (Board Game Café Tavern) is Finland's first board game café, which opened in Tampere in August 2016. The Tavern currently has almost 300 different board and card games ranging from lightweight children's and family games to adult party games and amateur heavy Euro titles. Taverna constantly strives to expand their game library of popular standbys, interesting new releases and beloved classics, as well as maintaining and caring for their existing games. Lautapelikahvila Taverna is located in the heart of Tampere at Puutarhakatu 13.

We offer weekly delivery by Poro Caravan to Taverna! Order all items online by Wednesday at noon for easy pick up at Taverna - with no extra charge! (Offer only applies to online orders.)