Shipping to United States starts from € 11.95 for letters and € 25.95 for parcels.

Poro Club is our reward program for loyal customers. Each month, you can earn bonus points with every order, which will be calculated as store credits at the end of each month. When you register an account on the website, you will automatically be enrolled in the Club.

One store credit = 1 €. You can use credits freely to buy any of our products or for participating in our events.

Discount items, credit payments, tournament fees, cash on delivery, and postage payments do not count toward the total that will be converted into bonuses.

Bonuses are always paid on the 10th of each month.

Ex. you buy 100 € worth of merchandise in October, you'll be eligible for the first tier bonus (2%), which will be applied to your account on 10th November. In this case your user account would receive 2%*100 € = 2,00 € worth of credits.